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Music by Robert (Bob) Franklin

Click on the below links listed in bold blue color to listen to the four nearly completed demo songs with scratch vocals
by Bob Franklin. Note: The songs listed below were written between 1976 and 1985. Furthermore, the songs were
written for Bob's voice of that time. In the 1980s Bob recorded the song Gettin Away and sang the vocals around
1995. When in the recording studio in 1999 recording three songs (It's Over, Franklinstein and Wanna Feel
Your Heat) Bob was having difficulty singing the vocals which he therefore never completed the songs.
Back in 1987 Bob should have finished the song Morning Singer listed below. Bob plans on going
into a recording studio in the future to add backup singers and a piano to the song Morning
Singer, and then release the song as finished nearly forty years later. Bob hopes to
write several new songs for today's age that best reflects his voice of today.

Franklinstein Wanna Feel Your Heat Morning Singer


  It's Over Gettin Away  


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