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Infinite Cold Energy (I.C.E.) by Robert Franklin  

Thirty years in the making.

The most exciting physics
book to be released
 in decades.



ISBN: 978-0-9837013-2-3



Available in English:


Interactive Format

Fixed Layout
Apple Books Format

7x9 Hardback

8.5x11 Hardback
Collectors Edition


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Topics Covered:

● Infinite Cold Energy
● Quantum Mechanics
● Theory of Everything
● Standard Model
● Thermodynamics
● Special Relativity
● General Relativity
● Meta Particles
● Alpha Vectors
● Betas & Betacules
● Superstrings
● Branes
● M-theory
● Superspheres
● Calabi-Yau Manifolds
● Ultralight Bosons
● Dark Matter
● Dark Energy
● Tachyons
● Fifth Force
● Black Holes
● White Holes
● Gravitons
● Higgs Boson
● Techni-Higgs
● Quarks
● Techniquarks
● Photonics
● Quantum Computers
● Artificial Intelligence:
      ● Robotics
      ● Humanoids
      ● Artificial Neural
      ● Machine Learning
● Big Data
● Mind Uploading
● Immortality on Earth

● Metaverse
● Big Bang
● Cosmic Inflation
● Cyclic Universe
● Spacetime Fabric
● Sub-Planck Realm
● Parallel Universes
● Extra Dimensions

● Faster-Than-Light
● Quantum Teleportation
● Wormholes
● Flying Suits
● Flying Saucers
● Supercubes
● Alphatrons
● God
● Holy Ghost
● Satan
● Metatron
● Metatron's Cube
Shirley Egland Spalla, USC graduate, BSc
"A comprehensive collection of physics theories, including original ideas about the
origin and functions of our universe all written with a creative imagination. Enjoyable characters
and innovative graphics add to this absorbing, and dynamic interpretation of our world."
About The Book:

The world we live in is full of excitement and mysteries. All a person has to do is to look up into the sky to see the unexplored wonders that await humankind. Some people have a fascination with outer space, others with the deep ocean. Some have a fascination with the small subatomic world from which all matter originated while others have a fascination with an invisible world they know exist, but cannot see. Many have faith in eternal life.
      Infinite Cold Energy (I.C.E.) is an up-to-date physics publication that is easy to read for both laypeople and professionals. The quest to write this book began in 1991 and has been a continuous work in progress since then. No hurdles have been avoided and all is complete to explain just about everything needed to create a total physics theory of everything (ToE).
      Besides explaining the zeroth, first, second and extra dimensions of space, this publication also includes the fascinating world of religion, and how it can relate to science. From day one it was decided that no ToE would be complete without explaining how religion and science can intertwine, but not in a vague manner in which no one can comprehend. Oh no, this book cuts to the chase in explaining how we all got here, how the God's came to be and where all of us are headed.
      One of the areas that scientists fail to go beyond is the big bang, big crunch and cyclic universe models. There was a whole lot more going on before the creation of our superverse (multiverse/universe) and this book handles all of those ideas in complete detail. Since 1991 Bob has specialized in alpha vector theory and beta theory which are two ideas he created from scratch that are in direct competition with the popular physics theories called strings and branes.

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