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Robert (Bob) Franklin - Eavesdropping Stories
Vehicle Eavesdropping/Tracking Devices:
Figure 1
Red arrow in figure 1 above shows location inside vehicle where a specially modified combination
cellular phone/GPS tracking device was hidden behind the wall panel.

Figure 2:

Red circle in figure 2 above shows same location where red arrow in figure 1 is pointing except wall panel is removed to show that the hardwired power lines were cut and listening/tracking device was removed from vehicle before Bob Franklin could find the illegally placed device. Bob became aware of vehicle being illegally tracked and conversations within vehicle being illegally listened to from watching the news on TV, listening to the radio, and reading the newspaper.

On March 6, 2002 about twelve o'clock noon around two weeks after the cut wires were located in same vehicle, as shown in figure 2 listed above, Bob noticed he was being tracked by the U.S. federal government in an unmarked solid dark shiny green modified Bell 430 helicopter when parked about 38 miles north of Knoxville, Tennessee in an uninhabited forest area near Interstate 75 and Stinking Creek Road. Most likely another GPS tracking device was hidden somewhere else in or around vehicle not found in first search two weeks earlier.

Figure 3:
Red ex in figure 3 above shows general area where helicopter was peeking between/over trees to spy on vehicle.

Figure 4:

Red arrow in figure 4 above shows general area from other side of trees in figure 3 where helicopter was peeking between/over trees to spy on vehicle parked about three-hundred feet away. When Bob heard a steady helicopter noise coming from one direction for a period of over ten minutes without being able to see the helicopter, then Bob put a towel over the side window to prevent a helicopter from spying inside the vehicle in the event the vehicle was being watched. Seconds later the helicopter raised up from behind the trees and lowered itself in front of the vehicle pointing itself directly at the vehicle. Bob then became frustrated and drove away. Afterwards the helicopter returned to the same area it was originally hiding shown in figure 3 above.

Bob returned the next day to take pictures and to question local authorities, forestry workers, and the Air National Guard helicopter division in Knoxville about the helicopter sighting. Of all people questioned they all stated that it was the wrong time of year for drug dealers to be found in the forest harvesting marijuana. The person in charge of the Air National Guard helicopter division stated that he was in charge of the entire east half of Tennessee and that there were no military exercises conducted in that area that day, nor did his division have any unmarked solid dark shiny green helicopters stationed in Knoxville. The only department of the United States that uses that color for helicopters is the White House and possibly the newly formed Department of Homeland Security at that point in time.

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